Common people have a lot in common!

Welcome to my corner of communication!

The longer I live, the more I come to a conclusion that the world is coming closer and closer to a dangerous line due to efforts of fake news generators and arrogant politicians.

And the only weapon which can break the wall of mutual misunderstanding is the communication of common people.

I strongly believe that common people can make the true diplomacy – that is the diplomacy that leads to uniting the people.

And the first step on that road is the knowledge about each other, the knowledge peeled from the cover of fake mass media dirt.

In my blog I will write stories about my country, the stories of a common man who has never been involved in politics of any kind.

You are welcomed to give your comments, or ask your questions about different sides if life in Russia in corresponding ASK-A-QUESTIONS categories. You are also welcomed to share your ideas or experience in YOUR STORIES.