The best location to stay in Moscow

The best location to stay in MoscowCategory: Accommodation&Moving aroundAuthor "admin"The best location to stay in Moscow
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What could be the best location to stay in Moscow?

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Actually the best location depends on your preferences regarding moving around. 
If you prefer places of interest to be in a walking distance, then for sure you should choose the place as close to the center as possible. The heart of Moscow is, of course, the Red Square and Kremlin. You have quite a good choice of hotels in the vicinity. Some of them have a great view: the picture of Kremlin on top of the page was done by me from the hotel room 🙂 You can look at the accommodation from Kremlin to the north-west, north and north-east up to the Boulevard Ring. Actually, Boulevard Ring in itself is quite a nice place for walking. On the South Kremlin looks at Moscow river, thus to get to the center you will need to cross the bridge which is not a problem, but takes some minutes. But in that case you could take an accommodation on Polyanka, Yakimanka, Pyatnistkaya streets, they are quite nice by themselves. If you are interested in Churches and monasteries, such as Novodevichiy, Donskoy, you may take location near them. But in that case you will need to get to the center. 
To move around Moscow is quite an easy task. Firstly, Metro system is rather effective. You can quickly get to any and take a chance to see perfect metro stations, especially old ones, which by themselves are a piece of architecture and history. Just try to avoid peak times when there is a lot of people. Secondly, taxi in Moscow is rather cheap, between 10-20 EUR depending of distance and traffic. You can get it via application: there are several main applcations: Yandex, Gett, Uber, Citimobile. If you are bicycle oriented, you can use a wide system of bicycles for rent, the locations are all around Moscow, take and return can be also easily done via application. But have in mind, that this is Moscow and bicycle rent is available from May to October only.
There is a lot interesting locations around Moscow which have hotels around them, such as VDNH, Vorobyovy Gory, Moscow City, Kolomenskoye etc. Again, in this case you will need to get to the center, but they are good places by themselves.