Vaccination in Russia. Personal experience.

At the end of spring authorities were repeating that they do not expect the third wave of Covid in Russia. It was a great mystery why they hoped so. Of course in summer number of cases rocketed.

To fight the situation, they put emphasis on vaccination.

В Москве начался второй этап вакцинации от коронавируса :: Общество :: РБК
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Pioneering in the campaign the authorities of Moscow introduced obligatory vaccination for health, education and businesses connected with services, i.e. restaurants, fitness clubs, retail etc. To stimulate vaccination on the side of clients, special QR codes were introduced to enable access to restaurants.

To have vaccination started to be a bit more difficult, though not so much. A lot of friends of mine have vaccinated during recent month. Most of the critics during the campaign was not aimed at the difficulty to get vaccine, but at the fact that the rules did not take into account the level of antibodies, only the fact of illness or vaccination within recent 6 months. Thus a friend of mine with the level of antibodies of 800 was forced to vaccinate despite the fact, that safety of vaccine for that category is absolutely not clear.

But the campaign ceased as quickly as started. Authorities of Moscow announced that the targeted levels of vaccination are gained and QR codes are not necessary any more. All this happens amid lot of severe cases even among famous persons. All this happens amid minimal efforts of Russian to protect themselves. You need to make sufficient efforts to find a person in mask on Moscow streets.

In the meantime the wave went from Moscow to other regions or Russia. One month ago number of cases in Moscow contributed to half of cases in Russia. At the moment about 20% which doesn’t meant that situation here is good. And it is still unclear, if vaccination is going to be the right weapon to fight the situation.

I have examples of pros and cons. A few days ago a whole family vaccinated in December had COVID, one of them in a severe form. On the other hand a previously vaccinated elderly man living in one flat with his infected grandchildren luckily avoided infection.

In any case, I myself contributed to the statistics of vaccination. During June I got two doses of vaccine. No side effects, to temperature, to complications. I am not sure about antibodies and the level of protection, in such a situation, but I presume that any chance of protection is to be used. Follow me and vaccinate!

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