Covid vaccination in Russia. First observations in real life.

Receltly informatiion about positive test of Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez apperared in mass media. The point is that he has been vaccinated with Sputnik V. The example can be considered as both negative: vaccination doesn’t give a hudred percent protection, and positive: so far his condition is not so bad (let’s keep fingers crossed that it will get only better).

El presidente de Argentina, Alberto Fernández, recibe la primera dosis de la Sputnik V en enero pasado.
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So far we have a history of several months of vaccination in Russia, and I can share some real-life observations which you can compare wtih the official story.

  1. Rate of vaccination. As per my estimation, among my acquaintances 6-10 persons out of each hundred have received the first dose. That is close to the official data of abt 5%
  2. Vaccine availiability. Here in Moscow we can see no probles with availiability. You can book your visit to a hosipital on line, or get vaccine right on the spot in specially opened points in malls, theatres and some other places. Also vaccine is now available in commercial clinics, but there you will have to pay for vaccination, though vaccine itself is free even there. In the state medical system vaccination is totally free. Everybody who wants vaccine can get it, at least here in Moscow.
  3. Condtion after vaccination. Differs in wide rage from no symptom at all up to high temperature and clear illness symtoms during several days. I failed to find any correlation between condtion after vacination and either age or sex or anything else. It seems that it depends on particularities of immune system of each person.
  4. Effectiveness of vaccine. The most difficult question. I am aware of two cases among my acquitances, when people got Covid after they were vacinated. In one case an elderly man in another case a young guy. First case was rather a diffcult one, though in the end they both luckily recovered. Does it proves the official statistic of 98% effectiveness?In my understanding, the only fact is that some people do get infected despite vaccination. As for the rest, nobody knows, if they managed to avoide codiv because of vaccine, or due to other reasons. We even do not know, if they have really missed the disease, or if they just missed the statistics. In any case, to belive in vaccine makes sence. Because no chance to believe in something else.

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