Spring in Moscow

Spring is coming to Moscow and bringing fresh moods to everyday life.

By contrast the politics is getting more and more boaring. It is twisted around the same topics, same ideas. Same people are saying the same things both here and around the globe. No one is really inspired by them.

Does it mean a crisis of ideas? Or may be the reason is that frontline has been set, and no need to be creative any more? Just “stand up and fight”.

But truly speaking, after a year of turbulence, it is pretty nice to be in a boaring political enviroment.

It is much more comfortable to see spring developing. Due to sufficient weather contrast between seasons in Russia, spring is rather a long lasting period, and it’s transormation is dramatic. From a catterpillar to a batterfly. From dying snow to fresh green nature. But still spring is always a spring.

Though I consider Moscow to be a great city in any time of the year, I still suggest that you should postpone your visit till May if you plan to make a trip here. Your stay will be much more impressive.

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