Vaccination in Russia

As COVID continues spoiling our life, some time ago vaccination seemed to be a perfect solution of the problem. But at the moment the moods towards vaccination in Russia among common people are not as favorable as they used to be.

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It is a common knowledge, that Russia was the first to register the new vaccine and announced vaccination back in August. But later on the date was postponed several times, presumably due to production problems. Unfortunately, authorities failed to give a good reason for the delay, which caused sufficient uncertainty.

Finally in December vaccination started. Initially in Moscow for doctors and teachers. It was supposed, that vaccination would be done against confirmation of job. But those who decided to be among the first ones, witnessed that no confirmation was ever asked, because they doctors were glad that at least anybody came.

To be fair, authorities, at least in Moscow, arranged the process perfectly: vaccine is in good supply, at your option you can either book you time in advance on line in a hospital, or come to a specially arranged places for vaccination in malls or other public places. At the moment vaccination is available for everybody except children. You have a choice of two vaccines, and the third one is coming soon.

At the moment some of my friends have been vaccinated, and nobody reported any severe problems so far.

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The picture looks too good to be true, but actually it seems to be true in this case. So, why are people so reluctant here in Russia to be vaccinated? In my opinion because many Russians tend to take COVID as something not so serious. And those who take it serious, do not trust vaccines and authorities.

Both have sufficient reasons for their attitude, because too many lies have been told about and around COVID for the recent month.

But still the process goes on, and sooner or later it will bring a result. Let’s hope that we will not have to wait long.

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