Russians and US elections

The worldwide show named US elections is finally close to an end. I can not say that I followed it close enough, but still it was difficult not to be involved in that kind of show broadcasted on all the channels.

In one of my posts at the beginning of the campaign I mentioned, that Russians generally favor Trump

But it seems to me, that since them public opinion in Russia has slightly switched. Though political establishment here seem still be in favor of Trump, and at the moment common Russians do not care much who is going to win.

There is a story about Stalin. Once he was askes about two his opponent political parties, which of them is BETTER. And he replied, that both are WORSE.

That is close to what common Russian feel now. They feel that whoever takes the office, no positive moves in our relations are expected.

Some time ago Russian were rather positive towards America. But the Americans were so long saying that Russia is the worst enemy, that they finally managed to convince Russians that it is really the case.

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