Russians and Navalny case

The case of Navalny poisoning can hardly be considered as the most important for most of Russians. Truly speaking, they are more concerned about COVID situation and possible new limitations. But, at the same time, the situation make them a bit nervous. They have a feeling of a swindle in the air.

I have never been a fan of Navalny, but I sincerely wish him good health and good luck.

But at the same time, too many questions make the case look as a kind of provocation for a common man.

  1. All Russians know, that at the moment the part of opposition represented by Navalny can hardly be considered as dangerous for Putin. Moreover, they play an important role of bad guys. There is absolutely no need for Putin to get rid of him.
  2. Still, if someone would still want to get rid of somebody, he would hardly use such a strange way of so doing. All the case look as a Holywood-style show aimed at the Western audience having a Holywood-shaped perception.
  3. If the case was arranged by authorities, what was a great idea of saving his life in Russia and letting him out of the country?
  4. Why German authorities are so reluctant to cooperate? They show no desire for transparency.
  5. And the last. but not the least. It is great, that everybody involved in Novichok poisoning survived. But! If the poison is to awfully dangerous, why it so happened that everybody claimed to be poisoned by Russia managed to survive?

Th worst thing is that I do not have any hope to get the truth in the end. All the parties seem to be involved in their own kind of swindle and lie.

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