Military Parade in Moscow

Today we finally had the Military Parade in Moscow. It turned out to be so much impressive.

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Normally Military Parade in Moscow is held on May 9th, the Victory Day, one of the most important holidays for Russians. But this year, due to coronovirus situation, Putin took a decision to limit Parade on May 9th just to air program and small parade just for himself in internal yard of Kremlin. Further on, when the situation with coronovirus started to improve (or at least supposed to improve), he ordered a full scale version of the Parade.

The date June 24th was not randomly chosen, it is logically explicable. Right on this date, 75 years ago, the famous Military Victory Parade was held in Moscow. Thus this date really deserves parade.


As in many places around globe our population in Russia divided in attitude towards coronovirus. Here, in Moscow, it is divide in ration about 25/75. This is not an official statistics, just my personal estimation. About three quarters consider the threat overestimated and expect limitations to be lifted as soon as possible. The remaining quarter takes it seriously and approves strict measures, thus the decision to held the parade was met with a doubt. And the main reason was not the fear that so many people will gather at the Red Square, taking into account that about 20 million live in Moscow the situation will not make a great difference. The greatest fear was that it will give to everybody the impression that the problem is over and that everything is allowed.

In my opinion, the parade itself has not added a lot to the situation. Starting from mid May, and even on a lager scale from beginning of June the authorities started to move forward the idea of the general victory over coronovirus. And most of the people believed in it: it is easy to believe in something which is convenient for you. Some people say that the main aim of the authorities is to held elections for the amendments to the Constitution as soon as possible, other claim that this happened because they could not manage limitations any more. But the fact is that at the moment in Moscow you will see practically no limitations.


Notwithstanding the above I have to admit, that general feeling among most of the people is positive, even among those who are sceptics theoretically. It worked as a kind of traquilizer against fears and depression of recent months. And it is not by chance that Russians are once again seeking self assurance in the history of the World War 2

Right before the Parade Putin issued an article regarding the World War 2. I will try to give my impression of it as well as discuss the role of War War 2 in the lives of Russians in my next post.

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