Russian aid to Italy

It was decided on Sunday by Putin to sent aid to Italy to fight coronovirus outbreak.

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The move raised a wave of discussions inside Russia. It was stressed by opponents, that Russia itself is lacking protective masks and medical equipment, that Russia will never get thanks for that move, quite opposite, Russia again will be accused of “highly likely” this and that.

All that is true. We have an obvious shortage of protective masks: yesterday I failed to by any in the nearby pharmacies. West media will be sure to find some negative double bottom in this decision. You can easily find it everywhere on the web.

But despite the above, to my relief, most of my friends approve it. It makes me hope, that despite all the problems the world still remains human, and we will not be ashamed when sooner or later we will wake up.

Well so far, 10 military freighter left for Italy with medical staff and medical equipment on board.

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