Women’s Day

Finally we reached another sex-painted holiday: International Women’s Day.

While men’s day is full of humor and sometimes sexual content, Women’s Day is filled with flowers, love and romance.

As in case with men’s day, the history of women’s day also originated from the revolutionary past. It is coming from early 20 th century.

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Originally it is connected with two German revolutionary activists, i.e. Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg who used it as one of the means of fighting for women’s rights.

Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg
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In February 1917 on that date women held a great demonstration in St.Petersburg which triggered further February revolution which changed the political picture of the world for further decades.

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It once again shows that, despite the fact that men pretend to be the rulers of the world, in the end it’s women who shape the history 🙂

At the moment in Russia it is one of the most celebrated holiday. Ironically, originating as a movement for women’s right in a modern style, it resulted in a holiday of a worship of Beautiful Ladies in a kind of medieval style, when women are Queens of the day, and each man feels a mix of knight and troubadour.

Sometimes the day is also called “household duty day” 🙂

On this day flowers are everywhere, it is the best time for flower traders. It is absolutely obligatory to give flowers to your lady, failure to do that would be the end of male’s reputation. In offices parties are organized at the day preceding the holiday, where flowers are also presented to ladies.

The holiday also gives a perfect chance for men to show their affection to a lady. It is considered quite acceptable to give congratulations, flowers and presents even to ladies with whom you are not very close. Thus it is a good way to start relations.

The holiday is officially celebrated, congratulations to all women were given by President Putin, also congratulations can be seen everywhere in public transport.

The day is specially loved by Russians, because it is considered as the holiday of spring. Though formally the day is at the beginning of spring, normally in Russia at this time the winter is still very strong. And the holiday shows the desire of Russians to meet spring as soon as possible and their fatigue from winter.

I congratulate all the ladies with this beautiful holiday and wish them happiness and love.

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