Men’s Day

In late summer/ early spring we meet two holiday devoted to ALL of us (and all of you 🙂 but divided into two parts and separated by a fortnignt.

The first one is coming toworrow February 23rd and devoted to men, another one coming on March 8th and devoted to women.

Initially they both had a political underground, but finally turn themselves mostly into just Men’s Day and Women’s Day. I will tell in more detailes about March 8th when it comes, but now a little bit more about coming February 23rd.

The history of the holiday goes back into the Russian Revolution, i.e. a bit more than one century back. (taking into account the depth of our history one century is actually not so deep). The holiday was set up in 1922 but devoted to the events of 1918 when after all the horrors of revolution russian army was in collaplse, while Germans strted one of final offensive operations of World War I. At that moment the new Red Army was set up, quickly blooded in rather succusfull actions.

Oficially the holiday was at the beginning the Day of the Red Army, furter Soviet Army, and in 1993 transformed into the day of the Defender of Fartherlad.

From some point among common people the holiday started to be the holiday of all the men, from small boys to old men, from military men to those who have nothing to do with the army. Most of events are still connected with military topics. I presume that is because men find themselves more brutal if they are close to military. In that way they are so happy to be defenders, even though very often they can hardly say from whom or from what 🙂

On this day women give presents to men.

It all starts from school. At school it is a good chance to show sympathy. It is usually not so easy for boys and girls to show affection, and these holidays give a good chance for that. Back from school days I remember waiting for a present from a girl whom I liked. And even failing to get one, I still had a chance to show my feeling in two weeks and to start making friendship 🙂

Later on presents and congradulations from women are not limited to their own men. In the offices women noramlly form a small fund and arrange presents to all male colleaguen together with some kind of a party. And, of course, women prepare in advance presents for their close relatives and friends. The question of presents is among top news for at least one week before the hoilday.

Recently with development of communcators on the very day of holiday, the phones are clicking constanlty with congradulation videos and cards. Some of them just give a formal congradultaions.

But this is also a good chance to show personal attitude even among adults

As usual there are wet blankets who murmur that this is the holiday for military men only. Also official media is trying to direct it into military topics. But despite of that, the holiday still remains the holiday of all the men, who, at least on that day, have a chance to feel Real Men.

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