Coronavirus – the Black Swan?

No news source is missing coronavirus today. But I do not want to write about it.

The fact is that so far in Russia we have only two confirmed cases.

Influence on economy seems to be sufficient, but still we are far from panic on the markets. Oil is down less than 1 pct only, and DJ and Nasdaq are even up.

So, why I am afraid even to think about it? May be because I feel that this could be the last straw to break the camel back? May be because I feel that this could be the “Black Swan” predicted by Nassim Taleb?

Do you feel the same way?

Well, in Russia formally no panic. The government so far acted rather competent: restrictions on traffic with China, quarantine for detected cases and for those in the danger group, hospitals assigned and prepared for possible cases. Officials immediately reacted on crazy prank: the youngster who tried coronavirus prank in underground was arrested and charged with criminal accusations.

In Moscow we don’t wear masks on a large scale.

Well … no panic … nothing to worry about? Still worry is hanging in the year…

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