Russians love/hate (???) Trump

New round of the election campaign in the USA once again puts Donald Trump in the focus of attention. Sometimes even here in Russia. Though, truly speaking, Donald Trump is not the key point of attention of Russians.

But still, what is the attitude of common Russians toward Donald Trump? To my surprise, it is generally positive. This is rather strange: during the rule of Trump actual actions of the USA towards Russia were heavily negative. Much more negative than thous of Barack Obama, who was almost universally treated by most of Russians with the sense of hatred.

One of the explanations of such a contradiction may lay in the fact that Russians measure people not with the use of the rational mind, but with the use of sences. Their feeling was that the attitude of Obama towards Russia was rather snobish and hypocritic, which is always much worse for Russians, than respectful hostility.

AT the same time, they see Donald Trump as a more sincere and open person, thus closer to themselves.

Another reason is that Trump has an air of a warrior, who is fighting political establishment. And Russians hate political establishment both here in Russia, and there in the USA, to say nothing of everywhere around the world.

Well, of course I am talking about general trend. There is a certain number of people who love Donald Trump, as well as a number of people who hate him. But most just with a slight favor. Though in fact the reasons for such a favor look more than disputable.

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